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Why is it important to compare car hauler quotes? Because not all companies have similar rates on their services, it is therefore practical on your part to make a little comparison on these quotes or rates before deciding which company to hire. If you do not compare the various car hauler quotes, you might end up spending for a company that is too costly on their services. But if you do make the essential comparison, your expenditure may just be the most feasible one.

A person should check out the rates of several different companies before deciding on which one to use. Before signing any contract a person should also ask if there are any additional charges and if there are shipping packages being offered. A person may be able to negotiate a little with the shipping company and find a way to get a discount on the price. When paying for services many companies will only accept cash and expect ten to twenty percent of the total cost upfront. The balance will be due upon delivery.

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Cars and other vehicles for that matter are expensive investment, we all know that. Owning a car is a necessity for todaies living, but you still need to have deeper pockets to augment this necessity because vehicles don’t come cheap. That is why; car owners need to care for their vehicles so as to preserve the investment longer. One way of taking care of your car is seeking for services that are truly reliable and proficient, like auto transportation services. You have to make sure that you hire the most reliable auto shipping company to ensure safety to your investment. There are many downfalls of auto transportation if you do not viably distinguish the company to hire, so be a discerning customer.

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Before giving the keys for your auto to the car transport contractor we recommend note down any scratches and blemishes of the car on their vehicle acceptance chit and sign the form. Again follow the same process, and again record every one of the damages if any at the time of delivery. If any damages have happened during transit you can claim from the insurance firm. All requests for the reimbursement of repair costs which happened during the transport of motors must be made as a written record inside 15 days of delivery with a statement of specific damages claimed.

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Before you sign the contract, you should also reach grounds on the insurance offered by the company. Your car should be covered against any damage that may happen during the transport. You must also inquire if the insurance policy would serve as the primary or secondary insurance. The kind of shipping method; either enclosed or open transport should also be selected before getting into terms with the company. Open trailers are either partially or fully exposed and there are many different types of open trailers ranging from three car carriers to large car carriers. On the other hand, enclosed trailers are usually covered and are not exposed to outer elements.

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We must have a working phone number where you may be reached throughout the transportation of your vehicle. Additionally, a separate contact name at the origination and destination must be provided if applicable.

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Auto transport carriers are required to carry enough insurance to cover the book value of your auto while it is in transit. We highly recommends that you maintain your own insurance while the car is in transit to cover any issues that might not be under the carrier’s policy. A vehicle condition form should be completed on pick-up of yoru car. The person turning the car over and the truck driver both sign this report and a copy is given to the party delivering the car. This same report is presented upon delivery of the vehicle at its destination and you should compare the car to the report thoroughly at that time. If, for some reason, you feel that some damage has occurred, you must note it on the report before you sign it and before the driver leaves. Take your time, and look over the vehicle thoroughly. Any claims made after this time are rarely honored.