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We all have our own notions and apprehensions when it comes to car transportation. We love our car so much that even the thought of any scratch or damage to it scares us and keeps us away from using the car transportation services. People always have their fears that their car might get damaged in the process of transfer. But this is not true anymore. Car transportation is a highly professional and important business which is helping people all around the world to get their prized possessions transferred wherever they like, to another city or even another country.

As a general rule stay away from local car transport companies hoping to make extra money by carrying out a large international shipping job. Many truckers will offer their customers a "package deal" that includes car transport and overseas car transporting as well. Frequently they would offer "savings" and "discount" through their preferred car shippers. You should avoid using such companies by all means – international car shipping is complex, and often customers, after paying the trucker for "the whole package", end up paying extra fees to the actual car transporting company.

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Before choosing just any company for vehicle transport, there are some details to consider. Be sure to find out what services they offer and what the rate is for pick up and delivery. Convey any special requests you have so the price you are quoted is exact.

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Before handling your car to them check your car whether anything precious is there inside the car. Remove it. You should also ask them whether their car shipping services includes car shipping insurance so that you can avoid the loss of spending extra money over the scratches and damages. If the company insures your car along with their services, you will be out of the risk to pay extra for the loss and damage.